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FRESHCUT produce processing equipment,.

Video portfolio of new, reconditioned, and used food processing and packaging equipment for fresh-cut and pre-cut vegetable and fruit fresh processing and packaging applications; from Alard Equipment Corporation.

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  1. Bock "Melonium" Melon / Pineapple Wedge Cutter / Dicer, Model AMD-LH, mfr. rated 1500 pieces/hour, Alard item Y0330

    BOCK "MELONIUM" MELON / PINEAPPLE WEDGE CUTTER / DICER, Model AMD-LH. Manufacturer rated for up to 1500 pieces per hour. All stainless steel construction. Suitable for cutting pre-halved and pre-peeled melon or pineapple, in two steps, first cutting the fruit into wedges up to sixths, and then pushing the fruit through a dicing grid (presently configured for 1" dices). 9" wide x 72" long infeed conveyor with 3/8" high cleats on 8" centers. Right hand infeed from discharge position. Solid plastic belting at 37" working height. Pneumatic activated wedge cutting cylinder and dicing cylinder. Product is discharged onto two step vibrating discharge chutes. First stage is 9.5" wide x 18" long with 2" spacings. 38" discharge height. PLC controls. .5 HP 230 volt single phase Eurodrive motor on conveyor.

    Alard item reference #: Y0330

  2. BOCK Model FP-35 "Mini Brute" CENTRIFUGE with 20 gallon, Alard item Y1986

    RECONDITIONED SPIN DRYER, BOCK Model FP-35 "Mini Brute" CENTRIFUGE with 20 gallon hand-removable basket.

    A compact centrifugal spinner for drying / dewatering fresh-cut vegetables, with an easily-handled plastic basket, 17 inches diameter by 22 inches deep, light enough to lift in and out of the dryer by hand; --withOUT requiring an overhead winch. This basket size also fits easily under cutting machines, dewatering shakers, and other upstream feeder units. Because it uses a Rubbermaid Brute basket, it is particularly economical to purchase multiple baskets to fit your operational capacity.

    Bock heavy duty industrial-quality construction for fresh produce processing plants and other similar large institutional and industrial food processing applications.

    All food grade stainless steel construction with pneumatic air-cylinder powered cover lift with safety-interlock action. Complete with variable timer, and variable speed control, 1.5 HP drive with 230 volt 3 phase electrical input. Requires
    80psi .5 cfm compressed air. Manufacturer rated for up to 800RPM basket speed.

    Alard item reference #: Y1986

  3. NEW Alard- Smith 4 Head Continuous Rotary Cabbage Coring Machine, Alard item Y0261

    NEW ALARD-SMITH 4 HEAD CONTINUOUS ROTARY CABBAGE CORING MACHINE, all stainless steel, for coleslaw, sauerkraut, and freshcut processing applications.

    Automatic operation, with manual placement of the heads on a revolving table. Manufacturer rated for up to 28 heads per minute.

    All stainless steel product contacts, frame and screen shrouding. 110 volt single phase (standard household current) motor standard, 220 volt and 3 phase options available.

    Alard item reference #: Y0261

  4. TURATTI SPEAR CUTTER / WEDGE SLICER for fruit and vegetable products, Alard item Y3099

    TURATTI SPEAR CUTTER / WEDGE SLICER for fruit and vegetable products...
    Turatti Model 1411-26 slicer, for cutting wedges in cucumbers for pickle spears, or wedge cutting potatoes, and / or cutting other vegetable and fruit products withOUT pits or stones. Currently configured with (8) 12 inch diameter powered stainless steel blades for cutting (8) wedge slices. Could cut quarters rather than eights, by removing every other blade. All food grade stainless steel, including blade drive arms, shrouds and stands. Tubular stainless steel frame and base plate, currently configured for 58 inch infeed height and 26 inch discharge height, on adjustable feet. Base frame has a 35.5 inch wide clearance between legs to accommodate placement of a tote beneath the discharge to catch product. 360 degree safety shrouding, with latching access doors for convenient maintenance access. PVC control box with safety interlock, cuts power to the machine if any of the access doors are unlatched / opened.

    Alard item reference #: Y3099

  5. CVP Model A600 Bag Sealer, Alard item Y2711

    CVP Fresh VAC Model A600 JAW TYPE VACUUM / GAS-FLUSH / BAG SEALER with 32 inch seal bar.

    An advanced food grade modified atmosphere packaging machine, with PLC controls, ergonomic finger start actuation, with variable logic heat seal controls for versatile and user friendly operation. 11 preset programs for fast changeover running multiple products, running one or two bags per cycle.
    ~ 32 inch wide seal bar, with single bag stretcher.
    ~ Dual snorkels for vacuum / gassing, adjustable for spacing and depth.
    ~ 26 inch wide by 8 inch deep bag support shelf with back plate, adjustable for bag height.
    ~ Food grade sanitary stainless steel product contacts, corrosion resistant stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction.
    ~ Pneumatically actuated sealing jaws, with air operated vacuum pump. Air consumption manufacturer rated at 2cfm per cycle at 80psi.
    ~ Adjustable angle support frame for horizontal, vertical, or angled sealing orientation, on casters.
    ~ Operator control panel, with controls for vacuum and / or gas flush operations.
    ~ 110 volt single phase 15 amp electrical input.

    Alard item reference #: Y2711

  6. Urschel Model GA Dicer, Mango & Pineapple DEMO, Alard item Y2528

    URSCHEL MODEL G-A STAINLESS STEEL DICER, 10" slice shell opening, safety interlock system with control box, 2 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase motor, various dice sizes available.

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    Alard item reference #: Y2528