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People and Perspectives

  1. The Media Hub and Policy Translation

    Faculty Director Sue J. Goldie discusses policy translation and bridging the communication gap between disciplines using a HPV vaccination policy example with Professor Jane Kim.

  2. Ask a Decision Scientist Series - Conceptual Fluency with Dr. Sue Goldie

    Dr. Sue Goldie explains conceptual fluency between decision science methods (mathematics) and real-world use (policy) using iterative processes and translation to different audiences.

  3. Tuberculosis in South Africa

    Dr. Nicholas Menzies walks through how unexpected realities had effects on the outcome of introducing a new and more accurate TB test, which turned out to be contrary to the outcome of his team’s cost effectiveness analysis.

  4. Direction of the Field Series - Dr. Myriam Hunink

    Dr. Myriam Hunink discusses ways in which the field of Decision Science can improve by strengthening relationships with stakeholders and creating decision science modeling accessible to real-world users.

  5. Dr. Jane Kim: HPV Vaccine Policy

    Dr. Jane Kim recounts examples of her work in HPV vaccine policy over her career and some of the improvements made over the past few years in the field.

    Read about the task force guidelines for cervical cancer (2018):

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