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Behind the Scenes

  1. What is the Media Hub?

    Watch a short behind-the-scenes visual walkthrough of the media hub spaces including its open-style collaboration space and media-pedagogy exploration laboratory.

  2. Genesis and Goals

    Dr. Sue Goldie talks through the thinking behind the creation of the Media Hub, the goals it pursues, and the novel thinking and creating that goes on inside it.

  3. Interdisciplinary Thinking

    Dr. Sue Goldie talks through the priorities for the Media Hub at the Center for Health Decision Science: How to bridge gaps between disciplines and knowledge terrains using communication and pedagogy techniques.

  4. A Virtual Tour

    Media Hub lead Jake Waxman takes viewers through a guided tour of the Media Hub’s pedagogy lab. Waxman uses examples of how the space is used and the creative and experimental environment the Hub offers for decision scientists.

  5. Sanctity of Space

    One of our most prized qualities of our workflow is our “Sanctity of Space”. Media Hub team leader Jake Waxman walks through what that means in this clip, with examples of the work created in the Hub's experimental environment.

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