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Movement Preparation


Movement Preparation: Bent Knee V Sit

• Sit with knees bent 90 degrees, toes pointing to sky, heels on the ground

• Lean back slightly, trunk tall, and lift heels off ground (“centre” position)

• Grasp an imaginary grapefruit in your hands, and cradle it near your belly button

• Lift arms and grapefruit to “sky”, making trunk upright and tall

• Lower arms and return to “centre”

• Touch your grapefruit on the ground to the right (“touch right”)

• Return to “centre” and lift grapefruit to “sky”

• Return to “centre” and touch grapefruit on the ground to the left (“touch left”)

• Continue the pattern “sky, centre, side, centre” etc.

1. Manage pace by calling the cues for each movement.
2. Once athletes understand the movements, the sequence can be varied to enhance interest and focus.