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Movement Preparation: Weave (Left)

The “weave” activity is designed to create proficiency in cutting (changing direction) through repetition-based learning with progression in speed and other parameters. Cue the planting of the feet by saying “Plant Plant”. Begin this activity at moderate speed, then progress. To develop symmetry, both Weave Right and Weave Left must be performed.

-- Half the team lines up at the start pylon. The other half of team does weaves right at another station.
-- Coach stands at the pylon where the first cut occurs.
-- The first player approaches the first cut pylon, and does a “plant plant” and backpedal (backwards run) to the diagonal pylon.
-- Make sure the player plants beyond the pylon as illustrated in the picture, not before it.
-- Targeting the plant foot is vitally important, and we are not just practising the “plant plant” part but also the targeting of the feet.
-- Reinforce the “plant plant” behaviour by saying out loud “plant plant” or using a double clap.
-- The second person starts the pattern after the first person passes the first cutting pylon.

A player that can cut proficiently and symmetrically (same ability both sides) will have improved “on-field” performance and lower injury risk.
-- Look for stutter steps coming into the pylon and provide feedback that this telegraphs change of direction.
-- Look for and encourage foot plants that look like the footprints in the diagram (not too wide out or too narrow) so they become efficient changing directions. The foot plants should about shoulder width apart. -- You can reinforce this with pieces of tape on the ground.

-- Speed: Slow/medium to performance speed
-- Directions: All change of direction manoeuvres ideally (drills do not cover all); Single leg landing partially covered; Adaptation of drills
-- Pressure: No pressure to encroaching “no contact” presence
-- Contact and Avoidance: Contact, push-off, and avoiding contact
-- Surface Progressions: Gym floor, grass, artificial, sand
-- Footwear Progressions: Runners to cleats
-- Competition or Rivalry: In a mini-weave drill add a side by side cutting course