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Movement Preparation: 222, 333, 555

Have the participants stand on line as a team, adequately spaced out (arms length). Announce that they will do a series (number you announce) of tuck jumps, push-ups and burpees then accelerate to midline and slow for far pylons”. Clap or say go to initiate.

-- Do # tuck jumps bring both knees to your chest in mid-air
-- Do # push-ups
-- Do # Burpees
- From standing position, drop down into tucked position
- Extend legs behind body to end up in push-up position
- Do one push-up
- Bring legs back up into tucked position
-- Stand back up (can include a jump in this last step)
-- Accelerate forward
-- Check proper form before performing and reinforce as required

This activity develops lower and upper body strength, the ability to start/accelerate from a dynamic state, acceleration ability and sprint speed.

Progression: Progress from 2 repetitions (Level 1) to 3 repetitions (Level 2) then 5 repetitions (Level 3) then modify.

-- “Rotate” the exercise sequence.
-- Have team do 2 tuck jumps, then wait for the command to do second and third exercise to take the “race” out of the drill. This is a good way to maintain and enforce form.
-- Substitute another basic callisthenic exercise.