Brian J Reynolds Director of Photography

Brian J. Reynolds has many Pilot, episodic, mini Series, telefilm and Feature film credits. He has been nominated for many of his projects some of which include, Steven Bochco’s Civil Wars, and NYPD BLUE (which earned him four ASC Outstanding Achievement Award and one Emmy nomination) “American Family” for Fox / PBS. (Emmy nomination) "American Dreams" for NBC (ASC nomination) “The Closer” first four seasons. Some of his telefilm credits include "Papa’s Angels", (ASC nomination) "Revelations", "The Beach Boys" Mini Series for ABC, and "Boss of Bosses" TV Feature for TNT (ASC nomination) . His feature credits include "Guarding Tess" "Tekken" and "Gang Related". Brian recently relocated to the New York City area where he filmed the pilot and series for ABC's “Manhattan Love Story”. Recent work included the hit NBC movie Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" and "Christmas of Many Colors" which were among the highest rated TV movie in years. Brian has been nominated eight times for his cinematography by the ASC, and twice for the EMMY.

  1. American Dreams Philly Riots Episode

    This is the final episode of American Dreams. We had a small backlot on the Sunset Gower studio and burned many of our sets we had used for the show. This sequence was shot over two nights. There was a "morning after" scene we shot that didn't make the final cut. American Dreams was filmed with two Panaflex g-2's and Kodak film. The night stuff and most of the Bandstand footage was the Kodak 800 iso stock.

  2. "Manhattan Love Story" ABC Promo

    Half hour comedy filmed on location in NYC. It was a blast to shoot with a Great cast and crew. The Producers were fantastic and very kind. We filmed with three Arri Aexa cameras A, B, and C Steadycam. I filmed the pilot for the series and was directed by the wonderful Michael Fresco ;-)


    "Better off Ted" season 2 was really fun to photograph. We filmed in a real High Rise in Downtown Los Angeles. We were on the 8th floor so getting movie lights into the offices from the windows for day shots was impossible. I discovered the new Rosco polarised window gell (The hard gells were not around then) We were able to shoot interiors in the offices and use the Rosco pola filter on the lense to dial the windows to the proper exposure. This was a life saver ;-) We shot Better off Ted with two Panavision Genesis camera packages with Primo zoom lenses and a set of Primo primes.

  4. American Dreams Pilot clips

    Clips from the Pilot episode filmed in Vancouver BC. Directed by David Semel and written and produced by Jonathan Prince. This episode was also nominated for best cinematography by the ASC.

  5. American Dreams clips

    American Dreams "Cold Snap" Guest star Usher. This episode was Nominated for best series cinematography by the ASC.

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