Brian J Reynolds Director of Photography

Brian J. Reynolds has many Pilot, episodic, mini Series, telefilm and Feature film credits. He has been nominated for many of his projects some of which include, Steven Bochco’s Civil Wars, and NYPD BLUE (which earned him four ASC Outstanding Achievement Award and one Emmy nomination) “American Family” for Fox / PBS. (Emmy nomination) "American Dreams" for NBC (ASC nomination) “The Closer” first four seasons. Some of his telefilm credits include "Papa’s Angels", (ASC nomination) "Revelations", "The Beach Boys" Mini Series for ABC, and "Boss of Bosses" TV Feature for TNT (ASC nomination) . His feature credits include "Guarding Tess" "Tekken" and "Gang Related". Brian recently relocated to the New York City area where he filmed the pilot and series for ABC's “Manhattan Love Story”. Recent work included the hit NBC movie Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" and "Christmas of Many Colors" which were among the highest rated TV movie in years. Brian has been nominated eight times for his cinematography by the ASC, and twice for the EMMY.

  1. I Killed My BFF The Preachers Daughter Lifetime network movie Directed by Seth Jarrett

    I Killed My BFF The Preachers Daughter Filmed in New York State for Lifetime Network

  2. Coat of Many Colors - A True Story Brought to Life (Preview)

    Trailer for a movie I filmed in Atlanta the summer of 2015 Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" A Warner Bros / NBC two hour event movie.

  3. TEKKEN DP Theatrical Trailer Demo. Brian J. Reynolds Director Of Photography

    "Tekken" Directed by Dwight Little. The film was shot with three Sony F-23 HD cameras The lenses were Fujinon digital primes and zooms. We shot "Flat" framing for 2:40 aspect ratio while recording in 16x9 The look was "baked in". We had a Hyper Gamma setting but not raw like we have today. The film went to a Digital Intermediate at Foto Kem lab in Burbank California. Then it was transferred to film.

  4. "United States Of Tara" scene clips

    Clips from several episodes of United States Of Tara that I filmed for Showtime.

  5. Brian J Reynolds Demo Reel #1

  6. Coat of Many Colors Scene Clips

    Filming "Coat of Many Colors" The Dolly Parton biopic for NBC was a wonderful experience. We had a tight schedule (18 days) but great folks and wonderful cast all around. The script had kids in most scenes so we were limited to short shooting days. Director Stephen Herek and I decided the only way to get the work done in the time frame was to cross shoot as much footage in as many angles as possible, saving time and capturing the kids performances in a small amount of setups. I used 4 Arri Amira HD cameras for the shoot. We had three cameras in studio mode and the fourth was dedicated to Steadycam. I had two LUT'S that we used (One for exteriors and one for interiors) The exteriors were filmed at a plantation outside of Atlanta and the interiors were filmed on stage (This was the cabin and schoolhouse interiors) The Tobacco barn was filmed on location.

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