Moore PA's remote recording facilities, raw footage

In the world of virtal events and contactless production, Moore PA Hire is rolling out remote recording capabilities accessible worldwide. In this example video you'll recordings of remote guests from Sweden, the UK, and South Carolina. All guests were recorded locally at the Moore PA Hire Studio in NYC. All guests were recording in the Apple Pro Res 422 Codec, along with a seperate.WAV file at 320kbps. Moore PA Hire ran simultaneous, parallel records of both the remote guest's video feed on its own, and embedded with the graphics (as you'll see in this example video). This means that we have a raw recording of the guests, but we are also able to advance various elements of production ahead of time, in this situation the graphics, and then slot the remote guests in during the recording process. Present on the line with the remote guest is the technical director as well as an audio engineer to tweak and sweeten the audio during the recording process. Moore PA Hire's cloud based workflow is compatible with any camera and audio set-up the client and guest would like, from webcams all the way up to RED Epics.