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Here you can watch all the magic of Marvelous Matthew Wright from stage performances to silly tricks out and about on the streets.
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  1. Marvelous Matthew Wright

    Here is a little promo video from 2013

  2. My First Coin Trick

    I have been interested in magic ever since my Dad did a simple coin trick for me when I was a kid. Here is the story of that first ever trick.

  3. Not a Regular Magician

    I love performing magic right in front of peoples faces and card tricks are an easy thing to carry around with you. The only problem is a lot of people think card tricks are rubbish.......This is a card trick with a difference!

  4. The Road To FISM

    FISM is like the Olympics of Magic. People from all across the world meet once every three years to fight it out to become the World Champion of Magic.
    In 2012 I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Britain at the competition.
    Here is a short fly-on-the-wall style documentary telling you of my journey to get there.

  5. Candy from a baby

    It's not often I approve of using my powers for evil but as a Manchester United fan performing magic in a Liverpool F.C. Bar called two scally just seemed wrong not to take their money!

  6. Getting closer to FISM

    If you have watched my early FSIM rehearsal it might be interesting to watch this version which was filmed a week or two before the competition.
    It's a long hard journey to The World Championships and I trained extremely hard.....very much like an Olympic athlete. You don't want to peak too soon. I was practising and changing my act everyday until I was finally happy with what I had.
    This video is close....but there was still two weeks to go before I was ready to take on the world!