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In Transit

A lot of things in our life are in between and continue to be.
We are in between people,their love, their emotions.
We are in between places and cities.This is a story of a girl who is in between.

She is.....

In Transit
Director : Sachin Kotre
Story : Sachin Kotre & Maira Fridman
Executive Producer: Naveed
Cinematographer: Nicolai Rissmann
Production Design: Irmãs Fridman
Key Talent : Bettina Lö
Styling: Maira Fridman
Production: Pali Na
Editor : Akshay Mehta
Colorist : Swapnil Patole
Online Artist: Abhilesh Shivalkar
Typography: Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
Production Support: Daniel San(Berlinique BlogBerlin) & Joanna Höglund
Soundtrack :” Monument” by Röyksopp & Robyn
Special Thanks : Irmas Fridman.

A Lensflare Films Content 2015