The virus accelerated change to the base fundamental business models of retailers, supply chains and consumers. For example, the consumer is demanding sustainability and circularity; direct-to-consumer; 1-2 day delivery; specific customization and much more.

Are we going to see 'future factories' this year, micro-factories and urban factories? We know the term near-shoring but now we're discussing neighborhood-sourcing and what it should look like.

Actual examples abound and the BizGlobal team is finding them, studying their business model, in some cases recording them and in others arranging interviews for their presentation on June 3. They are also collectively scripting the future ... this work has never been done before.

Included in this is a calendar not for our traditional markets of millions with 50+ week cycles, but for millions of markets of 1, with cycles of days. Links in the supply chain working in silos will need to be tipped into one local pipeline - and again the AAPN has examples of exactly this collocated production.

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