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American Ingenuity Series

The Americas Apparel Producers Network is a nonprofit network of compnaies in the textile/apparel supply chain. Our focus is on production in the Western Hemisphere. These videos were produced for educational purposes.

Forever Employable.mp4

Most of us look for employment at some time in our lives. Journey with us as we search the meaning of “forever employable”…..from the latest survey by MOTIF on the “2020 State of Skills in the Apparel Industry”, containing recruiting trends and skill gaps. The Dean of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) based in Los Angeles provides us insight on the path from student course curriculum, updates on evolving learning strategies, lifelong learning, and e-Portfolio musts for free lancers. Also joining us will be recently unemployed and the mid-career strategies that they are engaging to further reskill training and development, instigate their entrepreneurial vibes to ignite start-ups, and the importance of their network to stay engaged