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American Ingenuity Series

The Americas Apparel Producers Network is a nonprofit network of compnaies in the textile/apparel supply chain. Our focus is on production in the Western Hemisphere. These videos were produced for educational purposes.


Ed Gribbin is the founder and CEO of Gribbin Strategic LLC, a boutique consultancy focused on the apparel/fashion and retail sectors and offering services in the areas of growth strategy, business development, product development and supply chain innovation, executive coaching and change management. Ed is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the apparel industry and serves on numerous global boards dedicated to the success of the retail, apparel and textile sectors.
In recent months, in his role as current president of AAPN, Ed helped organize contributors to AAPN Covid-19 Discussion Boards and connect companies to facilitate the production of critical protective equipment for hospitals and government agencies. Much of Gribbin Strategic’s focus today has shifted to producing PPE both in the US and FTA partners in the Western Hemisphere.