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The first three Music and Film Projects. During the first year of undergraduate college, started integrating Music with Film for an enhanced experience, Music is original and all video Work is free form. The first three Music Film Projects are free to experience, as a way to give for gratitude from all that is given. Each Music Film Project has specific themes and is an individual Work of Art, yet each Music Film Project connects with and is a collaborative of one body of Work. Let the journey commence...

For The Love Of God Records

The 1st Music Film Project Zions Of Life
For The Love Of God Records 2009

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Project Zions Of Life
1. For You (Electric Guitar)
2. Lightning Eyes
3. Unwilling
4. Sand
5. Light Waves
6. WanderLand
7. For You (Acoustic Guitar)

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Project Zions Of Life

Project Glow Ball Luna Sea

Project Multiphues Of Seven



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