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A collection of Corporate & Non-Profit projects completed over the years.
Each sample has a description, client information and production details.


...just because you don't see the success doesn't mean it hasn't happened."

Justin Beauchesne knows the meaning of success.

He lost both arms and right leg when he was thirteen months old due to complications from a severe form of meningitis but at thirteen he decided to not only take-up skateboarding but to also become a professional athlete.

"I've had great success, and as I got older I realized that I want to keep the dream alive... that passion and that drive... and push it towards other people.

This love of sports and the success that comes from achieving personal goals is one of the reasons Justin helps run Amp-Ventures.

Amp-Ventures is a non-profit organization that helps people who underwent limb loss and are wheelchair-bound to benefit from activities that encourage reaching personal goals.

"Everyone can be successful in their own way and everyone can have success in
their own way, but you have to be able to overstep that boundary, overstep
that fear..."

Amp-Ventures is one of three organizations The Foot Foundation will support in 2020.

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