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Reading New York Urbanisms - Summer 2017

Reading new york urbanisms is a required class in the first semester of the master of science in architecture and urban design (Msaud) Program at the graduate school of architecture, planning and preservation at columbia university. The goal of the class is to introduce students to new york city as a laboratory of historical experiments in both designing and interpreting the urban environment, to provide future urban designers with the observational and representational tools to “read” the city and the multiple forces that influence its physical form and social experience. Working in groups, students created short videos documenting the sense of place in sites that ranged from infrastructural systems like grand central terminal and the gowanus canal to ethnic enclaves like chinatown and little italy. From roosevelt island to red hook, these video portraits reveal underlying urban conditions and illuminate cultural, demographic, architectural, and environmental readings of the city.

A Look into Hudson Yards

We looked into Hudson Yards, as being one of the largest private real estate developments in
the United States, the idea was to view the project through different lenses; the lens of a local
resident, a local retail-owner and a local visitor – a New Yorker. The video attempts to spark a
conversation about weather Hudson Yards, or these types of developments, is a successful
project or if it has been done in the “right” way, the intended audience for the video can be as
general as the general public of New York City and as specific as private real estate developers.

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