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UD Studio - The Space Between Cities: Redefining Urbanization in the Hudson Valley - Fall 2018

The Fall Columbia Urban Design Studio looks beyond New York City to the Hudson River Valley, a region defined by multiple systems, histories, and geographies that touches the lives of millions. Drawing from their diverse creative and analytical skills, the student projects presented here open new ways of approaching questions of urbanization, community investment, and long term change. Working in the city of Hudson and Columbia County, student teams have developed proposals for urban design strategies that draw on a range of topics and illustrate visions for improved spaces, places, services, and opportunities for the region’s residents, economy, and environment.

Faculty team: Lee Altman, Justin Moore (coordinators), Wendy Andringa, Jerome Haferd, Christopher Kroner, David Smiley, Michael Murphy, Liz McEnaney, Nans Voron

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