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J-tec Industries, Inc. Video Showcase

Our custom-built J-tec products are amazing, like our impressive CarryMore Tugger Cart Systems, but just describing them with words does little justice. Watch any of these videos in the J-tec Video Showcase to see for yourself how our products can help you improve safety in your workplace, increase delivery of materials to your lines, and increase your company's bottom line.

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CarryMore Tugger by J-tec Industries, Inc.

Watch as this CarryMore Tugger Cart System train is guided around a tight turn and into this small warehouse aisle where its driver will switch out daughter carts effortlessly. Once arrived at the delivery point, the CarryMore gravity release design requires no pulling for the driver to begin taking the cart off the train. When new daughter cart loads are inserted back into the mother cart, J-tec's patented CarryMore "Elemate" feature lifts the new loads off of the floor within their mother carts for easier transport, without hydraulics.

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