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  1. Ulana Suprun: 2019 Cambridge Stasiuk Lecture

    On 1 March 2019, Dr Ulana Suprun, Acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine, delivered the 17th Annual Stasiuk Lecture in Contemporary Ukrainian Studies in the Theatre of Peterhouse College, the oldest college of the University of Cambridge.

    The auditorium was filled to capacity with students, academics, medical practitioners, representatives of NGOs and interested members of the broader public, who travelled from 36 different cities to hear the lecture entitled ‘Inspiring Social Transformation: From Soviet Decay to a National Health Service for Ukraine.’

  2. Gareth Jones: 'Sharing His Story with the World'

    In 2009 Cambridge Ukrainian Studies organised a landmark exhibition of the 1932-33 diaries of journalist and Cambridge alumnus Gareth Jones. Supported by Jones's family, the event helped inform world audiences about the Soviet Terror-Famine in Ukraine (Holodomor) and about the heroic figure of Jones himself, who had largely been forgotten in England.

  3. Cambridge Ukrainian Studies: International TV Broadcasts 2014

    2014 was a fateful year in Ukraine's history. Here is a compilation of international television broadcasts in which Rory Finnin (Director, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies) sought to make sense of the year's events.

  4. Slava Vakarchuk Visits Cambridge

    Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, an academic centre in the Department of Slavonic Studies, was proud to welcome Svyatoslav (Slava) Vakarchuk to the University of Cambridge on 18 November 2014 at 18.00. Slava is a prominent Ukrainian civic activist and the frontman of Okean Elzy, the most celebrated rock band in Eastern Europe.

  5. Myroslav Skoryk and Bohdana Pivnenko Perform in Cambridge

    Vsesvit (The Universe) is the oldest active literary journal in Ukraine, founded in 1925 by Oleksandr Dovzhenko, Vasyl' Blakytnyi, and Mykola Khvyl'ovyi. It has translated over 4,000 works from 98 literatures of the world into the Ukrainian language.

    On 9 May 2013 Cambridge Ukrainian Studies hosted an evening of musical performances and literary readings in tribute to the journal's many contributions to world culture. In 2013 the event centered on the genius of Sergei Paradzhanov (1924 - 1990), an Armenian artist born in Georgia who became a Ukrainian cultural icon.

    In this video, Paradzhanov's collaborator Myrsolav Skoryk performs compositions from the film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (dir. Sergei Paradzhanov, 1965). Myroslav Skoryk is one of Ukraine's most celebrated composers, musicians, directors, and musicologists. Born in L'viv in 1938, he studied at the L'viv State Conservatory and Moscow State Conservatory under such luminaries as Stanislav Liudkevych and Dmitrii Kabalevskii. His music has been performed all over the world. Myroslav Skoryk is a People's Artist of Ukraine, a laureate of the Taras Shevchenko Prize, and a Hero of Ukraine.

    Joining Skoryk is Bohdana Pivnenko, who is at the forefront of a new generation of world-class Ukrainian violinists. An award-winning alumna of Kyiv's Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music, she has performed around the world as a soloist in Ukraine's leading chamber and symphony orchestras. For nearly a decade she has toured with the prestigious orchestra 'Philharmonia of the Nations'.

    Together they perform 'Childhood' (Дитинство) and 'Love' (Кохання) from the score of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors as well as Skoryk's 'Melody' (Мелодія), often considered Ukraine's spiritual anthem.

  6. The Ninth Annual Cambridge Festival of Ukrainian Film

    A trailer for the Ninth Annual Cambridge Festival of Ukrainian Film, headlined by 'Hollywood on the Dnipro' (2014) and 'Two Days' (1927). Since 2008, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies has organised and hosted an annual film festival featuring the best of Ukrainian cinema from its beginnings to the present day. It has also welcomed contemporary filmmakers, film scholars, preservationists and musicians to engage with diverse audiences and offer fresh perspectives into material old and new.