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Jade St. Martin, 3/5/17

#276 Pic of the Week 3/5/17 is Jade St.Martin with her very first deer! The 155 pound 8 point buck is very special; Jade was sitting in her late uncle’s stand, which made her feel close to him. In Jade’s words, “I had never felt such a rush when I realized the buck was coming to my stand. I could hear my heart beat so loudly I couldn’t believe the buck couldn’t hear it. I was shaking but when I finally got the crosshairs on a vital spot, I took a deep breath and shot”. Congratulations Jade on a great buck, and we share in the excitement of your family on your first deer! For sharing your photo we’ll be sending you an LED key chain light, courtesy of Alpen Optics - where you get Quality, Value and Performance.

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