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Brad Limoge 2/19/17

#274 Pic of the Week 2/19/17 is Brad Limoge. Brad was blessed to have his daughter, Renee, move to Alaska. Renee, not thinking the idea of staying in a tent for ten days at the top of a mountain sounded like fun, took a little coaxing from Brad and her Alaskan boy friend. When she finally agreed to join them, the hunt for a Dall Sheep was on. They reached base camp on August 9th; Brad’s birthday. The next day they spotted 4 rams at about 300 yards but unfortunately the wind changed and off they ran. At 485 yards the rams stopped. By this time the angle was so steep that Brad got knocked badly by his scope, to the point of knocking him out for a few seconds when he fired off his 270. He woke up to, "Daddy you got him, you got him!” Congratulations Brad on a trip of a lifetime! For sharing your photo we’ll be sending you the DVD, Deep in Sheep - A Cameraman’s Alaska Dall Sheep Adventure.

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