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Brian Kosisky

Director, Shooter Editor, Motion Graphics

Breaking the Curse Trailer

PBS documentary profiling a charity that provides medical and micro-lending assistance to people affected by leprosy in India. Breaking the Curse won a national Gracie Award for the best public television documentary in 2008. The resulting video was used by Rising Star Outreach for fundraising and recruiting and as a result, they grew from a small, five member team to a large and successful non-profit NGO with a seven figure budget in only four years. "We all think of the documentary as the single most important and pivotal thing for us. It invoked such a response from viewers and is the single biggest factor in our phenomenal growth--a charity that started with five women around my kitchen table--and now is a charity that served 29,000 people last year and has a seven digit budget! We will be forever indebted to Brian!" - Becky Douglas, Founder, Rising Star Outreach