Fresh.Frames Productions ⋅ Gerald Schank

"The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning" Documentary Film

Director: Thomas Busse
Screenplay: Thomas Eich
Director of Photography: Gerald Schank
Production Design: Hans Georg Leiendecker
Editor: Christoph Tetzner
Music by: Burkhardt Pesch
Cast: Thomas Eich (Doctor), Klaus Fischer (Bruno Gröning), Eberhard Jansen (Public Prosecutor)
Production: Grete Häusler Filmproduktion
Format: 16 mm, 1:1,85
Length: 3 Parts (105 min. / 93 min. / 87 min.)


Synopsis: In the spring of 1949 thousands streamed to Herford in Westphalia. In the fall of the same year up to 30,000 people daily were drawn to the "Traberhof" near Rosenheim. An army of the wretched, the sick and suffering. They had only one goal -Bruno Groening. For many it was the last hope. Beaten down by war, given up by the physicians, these people had only one wish - to become well, to be freed from misery and pain. Bruno Groening should help them. "The Phenomenon Bruno Groening" traces the dramatic events of the time, proceeding on the trail of this unusual man.