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Established since 1999, Fresh Frames operate as Sole Proprietorship with owner Gerald Schank ⋅ Located in Cologne and Zagreb ⋅ We offer full service, the latest technology and our creativity for the projects of our clients and advertising agencies ⋅ We listen and respond to their needs, finding solutions between budget and requirement ⋅ Working with a strong network of freelance professionals, to fit in the rapidly changing environment ⋅ Seeing is believing ⋅ We create successful visual storytelling and combine passion with logic ⋅ But to stay in Audience´s mind we want to win their hearts ⋅ A very special thank to our colleagues and clients, because a movie´s success is driven by teamwork, not just by individuals ⋅ Our diversity ranges from Corporate Communication and Commercial to award winning Short and Feature Films ⋅ Please find excerpts from a cross section of our productions below:

"Mörderischer Frieden" Feature Film

Director: Rudolf Schweiger
Producer: Michael Röhrig
Screenplay: Jan Lüthje, Rudolf Schweiger
Director of Photography: Gerald Schank
Production Design: Michael Köning
Editor: Norbert Herzner
Music by: Rober Papst, Hugo Siegmeth
Cast: Adrian Topol (Tom Kapielski), Max Riemelt
(Charly Berger), Susanne Bormann (Mirjana Jovovic),
Anatole Taubman (Enver), Peter Bongarts
(Dr. Goran Jovovic), Damir Dzumhur (Durcan)
Production: BlueScreen Film / Munich
In Coproduction with: Kaleidoskop Film / Gruenwald, BR Bayerischer Rundfunk / Munich,
SWR Südwestrundfunk / Baden-Baden, Arte / Strasbourg
With backing from: FFA German Federal Film Board,
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg,
FFF FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
Format: S-35 mm, 1:2,35
Length: 92 min.
German Distributor: Movienet Film / Munich

World Premiere 31st São Paulo International Film Festival from 19.10 - 01.11.2007
Theatrical Release in Germany at 29.11.2007

Int. Military Film Festival Warsaw "Bronze Saber" 2009
FBW Prädikat "Wertvoll" FSK 12

Synopsis: Matlentan/Kosovo, just before the end of the war in 1999. It used to be that victims were the Albanians and offenders the Serbs; but now it is the other way around. Two young German soldiers, Tom and Charly are in an almost hopeless KFOR mission. They are supposed to keep peace. As a sniper strikes Matlentan, Charly is injured during his attempt to rescue the young beautiful Serbian Mirjana. Tom rushes after the killer, firmly resolved to shoot him, but finds himself facing a half-grown Albanian child, Durcan, holding a sharpshooter’s rifle in his hand.
Soon Durcan’s motive becomes clear: Mirjana’s father, Dr. Jovovic, was partly responsible for the Serbian massacre and also has Durcan's family on his conscience. Above all, the Albanian military commander Enver wants his revenge on the Jovovic's. With Mirjana’s help, Tom successfully wins the trust of traumatized Durcan. Tom and Mirjana fall in love, which puts the friendship with Charly to a difficult test. Durcan escapes and once again becomes involved with Enver. Mirjana is now confronted with a shocking truth: Enver has long decided to have her killed – and has commanded Durcan to execute the sentence.

Making of: