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Established since 1999, Fresh Frames operate as Sole Proprietorship with owner Gerald Schank ⋅ Located in Cologne and Zagreb ⋅ We offer full service, the latest technology and our creativity for the projects of our clients and advertising agencies ⋅ We listen and respond to their needs, finding solutions between budget and requirement ⋅ Working with a strong network of freelance professionals, to fit in the rapidly changing environment ⋅ Seeing is believing ⋅ We create successful visual storytelling and combine passion with logic ⋅ But to stay in Audience´s mind we want to win their hearts ⋅ A very special thank to our colleagues and clients, because a movie´s success is driven by teamwork, not just by individuals ⋅ Our diversity ranges from Corporate Communication and Commercial to award winning Short and Feature Films ⋅ Please find excerpts from a cross section of our productions below:

"Cut-Horror Comedy" Short Movie

Director: Peter Lemper
Production: cologne connection and FRESH.FRAMES
Screenplay: Peter Lemper
Director of Photography: Gerald Schank
Production Design: Georg Kuhn, Daniel Städtler
Mask: Michael Seel
Costume: Anik Fatum Celikaslan
Editor: Tobias Blumtritt
Cast: Andreas Spaniol (Barber), Lilly Gropper (Ghost),
Faraz Shariat (Apprentice)
Distribution: Bloody Cuts (UK)
Who´s There - A Horror Short Film Challenge 2013
Format: 4K, 1:1,85
Lenght: 3 min.

Bloody Cuts Award (UK) 2014 Best Cinematography for "Cut"
Final Six Selection "Who´s There" Film Challenge 2013
Official Selection Berlin Short Film Festival 2014
Festival de Terror y Cine Fantastico de Bermeo 2016

Synopsis: "An original little horror comedy, this one has some really nice touches. The basic setup is there’s a barber, with some unusual clients – but we don’t want to give too much away. The setting is fantastic, clearly inspired by the atmosphere of early Tim Burton films. Great timing, plays up to horror cliches and tackles them in a very imaginative, creative manner. One of my personal favorites." Popcorn Horror Ltd. (UK) - Author: Cara - Review 2014 Who´s There - A Horror Short Film Challenge