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Greece in a Box offers you a selection of award-winning Greek documentaries or films about Greece. The films are available on-demand for rent or purchase, without the need of a subscription. They are intended for private use, and are suitable for family and educational viewing. For further information about educational kits or public screenings, contact us at


In the spring of 1821, the Greeks opened the first cracks in the might Ottoman Empire and became the first of its domains to win full independence as a nation state.
Featuring stunning photography, 3D animation, historical reenactments and rare archives, “1821” is a landmark documentary which changed modern Greek perceptions of the War of Independence. It tells the story of the birth of new ideas, the interests of great powers, the pursuit of political ambitions and the dreams of poets.
Written and Directed by Andreas Apostolidis, Yuri Averof, Nikos Dayandas, Lefteris Charitos and Rea Apostolides.



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