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The 1st BeSP-symposium: Intervention evaluation & field experiments - Interdisciplinary perspectives on evaluating societal

BELOW THE VIDEOS 11 PCS. (two pages)
1.Opening speech & presentation of the executive committee of the project
2. KEYNOTE: Dr. Michael Sanders: Practical Science - how we bring rigour into the evaluation of policy
3. DISCUSSANT: Dr. Mira Fischer
4. Prof. Petri Ylikoski/ Mechanism-based thinking
5. Dr. Samuli Reijula/ Severe testing and extrapolation part 1
6. Assoc. Prof. Jaakko Kuorikoski/ Severe testing and extrapolation part 2
7. KEYNOTE/ Prof. Sharon Simpson/ Updated guidance on developing and evaluating complex interventions (UK Medical Research Council)
8. Dr. Jouko Verho/ Could we increase the use of randomised field experiments in Finland?
9. KEYNOTE/ Prof. Jeffery Carpenter/ Experimental innovations to aid evidence-based policy-making
10. KEYNOTE/ Prof. Martin Hagger/ Why and how do interventions work? Evaluating mechanisms of impact
11. Dr. Jennifer Mc Sharry/ Evaluating the feasibility of implementing interventions into practice/ the example of the Cardiac Health and Relationship Management and Sexuality (CHARMS) intervention


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