The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor® | Micro-Video Series Samples

The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor® is the financial professional's leading source of information on selling and providing service to the multiple generations of clients in today's financial services marketplace. The sample videos included here are but a few of the fifty videos available on topics ranging from Engaging the Matures from the Get-Go, Gen X Women and Money, Holding Client Events for Millennials.

  1. Gen X Women and Money

    Simply put, they are stressed about it. They juggle a lot and have been hit by the recession. You are positioned to help save the day, but don’t try to play superman. Learn why you must master the art of being impressive without trying to impress.

  2. Understanding the Gen X Female

    DEMO / SAMPLE - Video customizable in the following way:
    1) Specific introduction by Cam Marston: "This is Cam Marston on behalf of XYZ company who is providing these videos to you..."
    2) Introduction by member of your team: "This is John Doe for XYZ Company and we're excited to provide these videos from Cam Marston for your eduction."
    3) Logo in intro & at end along with your contact info.
    4) Downloadable transcript to highlight and review video content.
    5) Turn each video's content into simple, self-taught, training exercise.

  3. Engaging Gen Xers from the Get Go