The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor® - Video Series Samples

The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor® is the financial professional's leading source of information on selling and providing service to the multiple generations of clients in today's financial services marketplace. The sample videos included here are but a few of the fifty videos available on topics ranging from Engaging the Matures from the Get-Go, Gen X Women and Money, Holding Client Events for Millennials. The Deep Dive Package offers copies of books and additional videos on making introductions to your Baby Boomer client's children, Curb Appeal of the Workplace, and Recruiting and Managing Gen X Advisors. Each video is between 3 and 4 minutes long - perfect for viewing between meetings or during your off time - and offers support materials including transcripts and exercises designed to activate your new knowledge of the topic.

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  1. The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor® - Introduction

    Introducing the series and giving the first assignment.

  2. Selling to the Mature Generation

  3. Selling to Boomers

  4. Selling to Gen X

  5. Holding Boomer-Focused Events

    Sample. One of fifty videos for financial professionals.

  6. Holding Events for Millennials

    Sample. One of fifty videos for financial services industry.