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JHD Capital Consultant is an alternative private lending solution for those times when the bank is NOT an option. We offer financing solutions for small businesses and real estate investors. Some of the programs we offer include: Fix N Flip R.E Investor Loans, Unsecured Business Finance, Revenue Based Advances, Commercial Real Estate Funding ....Visit:

Traditional Bank Financing vs. Alternative Lending (whiteboard)

Traditional bank financing can be the best choice for qualified businesses, but it's no longer the only choice. The alternative financing industry has witnessed a boom in recent years, WHY, because banks have become ultra-conservative since the banking crisis, and it has become extremely difficult to get funding as a small business.

If your Credit, Income, Time In Business, Debt, Loan Amount, and other qualifying factors don't fit you get denied. Alternative lending is now an OPTION when the bank says NO. Private lenders have access to lots of capital, and they offer entrepreneurs Speed, Flexibility, and are Less Stringent on the guidelines for approval.

If you're ready or interested to learn more: Give us a call 215.274.0088 or start your funding request at