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LilliPad Diving Boards Installation

Initial installation of mounting hardware and daily installation of your LilliPad Diving Board.

  1. Surface Mount on Fiberglass

    LilliPad Diving Boards surface mounting kit is used for mounting on any fiberglass boat. The following video walks you through the steps to install the mounting hardware on your fiberglass boat.

  2. LilliPad Diving Board Install on a Qwest Avanti

    It is so easy to install LilliPad's Surface Mount System we did this one while enjoying the first day at the lake with a new Qwest Avanti.

  3. LilliPad Diving Board Install on a Harris 240 Sunliner

    Learn how to install a LilliPad Diving Board on a Harris 240 Sunliner.

  4. Surface Mount Installation.2019 Bennington

    Corey from LilliPad Marine installs a Surface Mount Diving Board on a 2019 Bennington.

  5. Under floor mounting Installation

    LilliPad Diving Boards provides two mounting hardware options for installing a LilliPad Diving Board. The underfloor mounting kit is designed for boats that allow access to the underside of the flooring surface and are free of obstructions from frame members, wires, etc. This video provides step by step instruction for installing underfloor mounting plates.

  6. Surface Mount Installation

    LilliPad Diving Boards surface mount option is recommended for boats where accessing the underside of the floor is not possible or where frame members prevent the proper placement of underfloor mounting plates. LilliPad's surface mount option is also used for fiberglass boats with integrated swim platforms, houseboat decks, cruiser decks, and yachts.