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Apache Cassandra Summit 2015

iland • Leveraging Cassandra for real-time multi-datacenter public cloud analytics

Julien Anguenot, VP Software Engineering, iland

iland has built a global data warehouse across multiple data centers, collecting and aggregating data from core cloud services including compute, storage and network as well as chargeback and compliance. iland's warehouse brings actionable intelligence that customers can use to manipulate resources, analyze trends, define alerts and share information.

In this session, we would like to present the lessons learned around Cassandra, both at the development and operations level, but also the technology and architecture we put in action on top of Cassandra such as Redis, syslog-ng, RabbitMQ, Java EE, etc.

Finally, we would like to share insights on how we are currently extending our platform with Spark and Kafka and what our motivations are.

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