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Apache Cassandra Summit 2015

Macy's • Changing Engines in Mid-Flight

This presentation recounts the story of and's migration from legacy RDBMS to NoSQL Cassandra in partnership with DataStax.

One thing that differentiates this talk from others on Cassandra is Macy's philosophy of "doing more with less." You will see why we emphasize the performance tuning aspects of iterative development when you see how much processing we can support on relatively small configurations.

This session will cover:
1) The process that led to our decision to use Cassandra
2) The approach we used for migrating from DB2 & Coherence to Cassandra without disrupting the production environment
3) The various schema options that we tried and how we settled on the current one. We'll show you a selection of some of our extensive performance tuning benchmarks, as well as how these performance results figured into our final schema designs.
4) Our lessons learned and next steps

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