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Apache Cassandra Summit 2015

ING • ExploitING Hotel Cassandra

ING is truly positioning themselves more and more as a technology driven company. “The ING way” is all about finding new opportunities and products to exceed customers' expectations and to make sure that we focus on how to deliver the product instead of developing different products catering to the same need.

Over the past 2 years ING is adopting Cassandra fast and at the same time, ING is also focusing on the Customer Experience using a touch-point architecture based more and more on micro-services. For most API’s Cassandra is a perfect match whilst easing availability challenges by being active-active and having an always-on architecture. However, at ING we have a plenty of relatively small use cases which makes justifying dedicated clusters difficult due to avoiding SAN and hardware choices already made. Therefore a shared cluster is inevitable. We call this KaaS – Keyspace as a Service and can be compared to a hotel with tenants. One crucial aspect is that we need to create a sandbox environment for the entire organization as implementing Cassandra is hard and requires experience and un-learning.

Our talk will share our experiences on how we are making the switch to NoSQL accessible for the whole organization. It is far from easy and we will also talk about how we are addressing containment and a cost model for the hotel rooms.

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