· FREE- Kentucky’s professional development registry
· QUICK- Staff reports at your fingertips
· USER FRIENDLY- Eliminates multiple systems
· REDUCES RESOURCES- Tight budgets freed up
· SEEK FUNDING- Reports ensure fidelity

Do you know about the importance of training data in ECE-TRIS and what it can do for you? In operation for now over 10 years, ECE-TRIS provides verified training reports for early childhood education professionals.

We know how much every moment counts. ECE-TRIS makes it easy!

All training data in ECE-TRIS is valuable in driving the change we want to see in Early Childhood Education.
Visit ECE-TRIS to update your profile and get started!

*The purpose of the videos is to provide superintendents, administrators, community partners, and directors in early childhood with knowledge of the resources available within ECE-TRIS to meet their professional development, planning, evaluation, reporting, and monitoring needs.

Visit our website: tris.eku.edu/ece

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