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2020 Prophecy Countdown

Presenter -- Pastor Bill McClendon.
Scripture shows us that we are in the end times of this world. What does God want to tell us from His Word about this time? Jesus in his Love pronounces many blessings for those that read and understand these prophecies; while those set on following their own ways and the deceptions of Satan will face the wrath of God.
God WANTS us to understand this and has made the key elements easy to recognize. Does it make any sense that God would pronounce blessings and curses surrounding issues like the "mark of the beast" and then obscure the issues? This seminar demonstrates keys in letting scripture interpret scripture. It unpacks many important prophecies and understandings, and reconciles numerous bible accounts to illuminate key truths - as scripture in no wise contradict itself. Scripture calls His remnant people out of the false teachings of the dark ages, and back to Apostolic Christianity and the understanding of scripture that Jesus and His Apostles strove so ardently to teach. The truth is there in scripture for us concerning our times, and in the process we are drawn closer to Jesus and His immeasurable Love.

2020 02 07 - Session #6 - "Devils Greatest Deception Part 2"

Presenter: Pastor Bill McClendon
Why is the book of Revelations SO important for us to understand in our time? God has sent us critically important messages through his messengers on earth to prepare us for the conflict arising just before the coming of Christ. And there is no middle ground in this conflict, people will be either be ready or not when Christ comes. The scriptures here tell us how we are specifically called to worship God as the creator. This is echoed in the messages in the book of Revelation, so the seminar goes back into the old testament pulling out these gems of understanding. What is it that ALL of God’s people need to remember to worship Him as the Creator? Many today say that all we need to do is “Love God”; this sounds good, but HOW does Jesus tell us about Loving Him? This is outlined so we know how to avoid the deceptive tactics of satan and clearly follow what Christ is calling us to do out of our love for Him.

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