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Pictorial Heroes

This is the on-line archive for Video Art legends Pictorial Heroes. Active between 1984-1994 Pictorial Heroes ground-breaking single-screen and video installation works were always an enigma to an 80's/90's art world but a real reflection of the times they were made. Mixing Art, Pop and Politics, Pictorial Heroes often confrontational and always innovative approaches caught the zeitgeist of their time and place.
Analogue originals and limited digitally remastered copies of their works are available via:


Smith Biennale winning Sniper is in many respects Pictorial Heroes short-form master work. It caught both the spirit of time and place that it was set in the late 1980's and went on to attract international recognition. Stylish shot it took the vogue for deconstructed narrative and scratch video to another level, It's influences were as much cinematic as they were conceptual or post-modern.
A female Sniper stakes out a TV station, in a dystopian global village, reflected in the output of television.
Made either 1987 or 1988



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