Defenders of public schools speak at City Council - May 16, 2018

This video is for the purpose of giving voice to defenders of public education who were speaking to mostly empty City Council chairs and a mostly empty City Council chambers in defense of public schools.

These are speakers who were selected for their defence of public schools.
Click on a timestamp to go to selected speakers.
Speakers are in order of their appearance.

City Council President Daryll Clark Introduction 0:00
Alison McDowell, parent and education activist 0:59
Heidi Allen, parent 4:00
Reynelle Brown Staley, Education Law Center 7:02
Daryll Bandridge, Executive Director of City Year Philadelphia 11:10
Diane DeLogan, Principal, Cramp Elementary School 14:07
Karel Kilimnik, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools 17:20
Lisa Haver, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools 20:15
Lynda Rubin, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools 23:52
Dary C. Okten, Principal, Randolph Technical High School 27:11
Catherine Carter, Principal, Alain Lock Elementary 32:15
Joe Williams, teacher 34:42
Darin Messing, Teacher Alain Lock Elementary School 36:06
Two Furness students and Helen Gym comment 37:31
Deborah Grill, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools 45:24
Donna Cooper, Director of Public Citizens Law Center and Alan Domb comment 48:53
Coby Murphy, Philadelphia Student Union 54:04
Crystal Canty, parent 57:20
Yusenia Rodriguez, Central High School student, Youth United for Change 1:01:02
Anna Perng, parent, Youth United for Change 1:08:24
Marisa Post, parent 1:11:31
Hillary Linardopoulos, PFT, speaking for President Jerry Jordan 1:15:31
Barbara Dowdall, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools 1:20:15

Video from the Philadelphia City Council Video Archive.

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