Defenders of public education speak at the SRC meeting 10-19-17

Selected testimony of defenders of public education from the October 19, 2017 meeting of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission. Click the timestamp to go to that point in the video.

SRC announcement on dissolution of the SRC 0:36
Samuel Dennis, SLA student on abolishment of the SRC 15:00
Saterria Kersey, parent from Ad Prima Charter School 21:35
Cheri Micheau, APPS member on English Language Learners 21:35
Diane Payne, APPS member on the Kindergarten Curriculum and comment by Superintendent Hite 24:50
George Bezanis, teacher and parent on School government and Commissioner Jimenez comment 29:00
Paige Wolf, parent on the physical condition of McCall School 32:40
Wayne Marshall, community member on CTE admissions at Dobbins 36:10
Horace Timmons, community member on CTE admissions at Dobbins 37:50
Diana Thompson, community member on environmental problems at J.B Kelly 41:00
C. Marie Patterson, parent, Dobbins attendance policy 43:50
Tonya Bah, APPS member, parent on Student Outcomes 47:15

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