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How to remove severe Polyurethane spray-foam from auto paint. With over 24 years of experience in auto paint overspray removal, restoration, and claims management, we are the leaders in overspray removal. These videos demonstrate how we remove severe Polyurethane spray-foam overspray from vehicle paint. The normal cleaning methods are useless when trying to remove this type of damage. No one on the net or elsewhere has ever duplicated the work seen in our videos. When doing a search for "how to remove Polyurethane spray foam overspray" our videos are the most listed on the net. I use a method that I call "blading or shaving" vehicle paint. I invented this technique working at my father's paint & body shop over 24 years ago and have repaired thousands of vehicles in this manner. Do not try this, you will damage you vehicle paint. We are the most listed company on the net for.

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