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Produced and Directed by Christopher Ming Ryan

Renaissance Man

If you've ever walked Manhattan streets and seen a man hunched over on his knees smoothing chalk into the cold pavement, then you've seen Hani Shihada at work.
Hani learned his trade in Perugia, Italy where this type of drawing is a very old tradition. He draws copies of Michelangelo and other Renaissance masters which usually take him several days to complete.

We filmed this piece on Broadway and 113th. You wouldn't know it but a huge rainstorm wiped out most of the morning's work but Hani soldiered on.

Hani's sidewalk pieces are his calling card so it's not surprising that he has found a second career doing commercial gigs which take him all over the country.
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This video was originally produced for The Daily.

Directed by Christopher Ming Ryan
DP: Albert Oh
Editor: Eric Perlman
Music: Jason Staczek
AC: Peter Mychalecewycz

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