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340B Solutions | Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS)

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services provides powerful technology solutions to a growing portfolio of over 450+ clients. The company’s single platform of proprietary tools helps its clients improve financial results, enhance quality, and manage risk. CPS brings industry-leading analytics, cloud-based clinical documentation, and performance reporting to coordinate clinical programs and uncover real savings. Among the available solutions are a performance-benchmarking tool, a customer learning center, and a pharmacy performance dashboard designed for mobile devices. CPS also features industry-leading solutions for the 340B program, giving hospitals the ability to track and accumulate outpatient prescriptions while enhancing the continuity of care. 340B Smart™ is a 340B management solution for covered entities that ensures program compliance while optimizing savings. 340B SmartLink™ is a revolutionary inventory and cash flow management solution for contract pharmacies. For over 40 years, CPS’ technology solutions have been relied on by hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.

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