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  1. Harmswood, Skokie, IL.

  2. 401 S. State Work. Life. Balance.

  3. Huntley Corporate Park

    Huntley is a growing community that is business friendly. This video provides prospective industrial users with visuals that explain why it should be a consideration. This was a two day project, one day to shoot the footage, and one day to produce. Third party stock footage was used to help fill in the footage gaps which completed the story.

  4. 1200 Fulton Market

  5. The Wrigley Building

  6. Triangle Plaza - See A New Angle

    See A New Angle was the introduction video for Triangle Plaza. We describe the opportunity through interviews and aerial footage captured from a helicopter due to Triangle Plaza's proximity to O'Hare Airport. Interviews with well timed b-roll footage helped tell the story and set the stage for video two, Tri-Our Connection.