PLAY, THEN GO SILENT. Advanced Level. Duple Meter.

These exercises will help you develop and internalize a conception of steady time (your inner pulse). This will give you the ability to "hold a tempo"—to maintain the same speed over the course of several measures or an entire piece. Practice any of your pieces in duple meter with these videos!

Be sure to use the skills you learned in in the SUBDIVISION VIDEOS and use duple, triple, or quadruple subdivision to hold the tempo. And, make that click vanish!

  1. Play Go Silent: Advanced Level. 50 BPM. 4/4 meter Kick Drum

    1. Tap/play along with the metronome clicks for several measures.
    2. The metronome will go silent and disappear as you continue to tap or play the beats at an unwavering, steady tempo.
    3. The metronome will reappear after one or more measures of silence.
    4. If you successfully hold the tempo, your ongoing tap/playing and the first re-entry click of the metronome will be perfectly in sync.

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