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  1. Creating Randomized Quizzes and Exams

    Dr. Michelle Gaudette shows in this video how to create randomized quizzes and exams on eLearning

  2. Using Collaborate Live Sessions to Replace Asynchronous Discussions Live@Lunch

  3. Live@Lunch: Using Camtasia

    Dr. Nancy Hastings, Chair and Associate Professor - Applied Science Technology and Administration, covers the basics of using Camtasia software.

  4. Google Drive/Doc/Sheets ATC Live@Lunch - 10.1.14

    Dr. Dave Lewis, Associate Director of ATC provides a demonstration of the Google Drive filing system, Google Docs & Google Sheets. He also discusses how to use these documents in your courses.

  5. Intro to Gamification Live@Lunch 9.2.14

  6. How to create a new template page on eLearning



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