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Élisabeth Feytit, born in Paris, France, is a Film Producer, Author and Editor. She is the Executive Producer of l'Esprit & la Matière for documentary films with a focus on a rational and curious exploration of the way the mind works.

Thanks to her first production company, La Marée Monte, created in 2001, she produced and co-produced documentary, short narrative and corporate films that were shown and awarded in festivals around the world. She collaborated with TV channels such as France 2, Ciné+, Histoire, Odyssée, KTO and Cityzen TV, for films that mainly dealt with art and history.

For twelve years, while working as an Editor and a Producer, she was a technical advisor and instructor for France 24, France 2, France Ô, M6, LCI, and Public Sénat TV channels.

75 Years in Japan - Official trailer

Meeting the last Irish missionary nun in Japan.

In 1935, a young woman journeyed to the other side of the world and took on a life of obedience, thinking she'd never see home again.

In a bid to capture the end of an era, TV journalist James Creedon meets Jennie O'Sullivan, his remote cousin. What was meant as a single interview turned into a compelling and fun year-long voyage.


Galway Film Fleadh official selection.

Director: James Creedon
Editor: Elisabeth Feytit
Music: Alexander Kato-Willis
News Sketching: Adel Gastel

Production: Noble Shadow Productions / l'Esprit & la Matière
Contact: esprit-matiere.fr