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Frits Palmbloom 2.29.16 - LEAP Lecture

Drawing the Ground, Layering Time - Work of Palmbout Urban Landscapes (Rotterdam)
Drawing for the city is our profession. We practice it passionately, and in awe. Relations between architecture, infrastructure and landscape change continuously. Especially delta landscapes, with their dynamics, unpredictability and complex ecology sharply challenge urban design. We approach it with a combination of conceptual thinking and craftsmanship, with relaxed logic and unpretentious poetry.
Frits Palmboom is a leading Urban Designer in the Netherlands. His Rotterdam based studio Palmbout Urban Landscapes is responsible for the Amsterdam IJburg Masterplan, and recently the ‘Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan’ and the New York RBD project ‘Living with the Bay’. He published several books and articles about the interaction between cities and landscapes. Since 2013 he is professor at the Van Eesteren Chair at Technical University Delft.