Sheryl-Ann Simpson 11.9.17 - DCRP Lecture "Planning for Citizenship."

Sheryl-Ann Simpson is an Assistant Professor in the Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design unit at the University of California, Davis. She examines the relationships between states and citizens, and explores variety of urban issues, including immigration, housing, and urban health. The connective thread in Simpson’s work is an interest in the voices, experiences, and ideas of individuals and communities that have been historically excluded (or marginalized) in the decision-making processes around their homes.

The idea of citizenship began in cities, where citizens were the residents involved in debates and deliberations over the city’s future. As city-states turned into nation-states, citizenship became a marker of belonging in a larger imagined community, and responsibilities and rights came along with that membership. Today the meaning of citizenship is shifting again, increasingly excluding rather than building bonds between people. But there are alternatives. This lecture will explore ideas for identifying and understanding practices of everyday, ordinary, and vernacular citizenship that make claims to space and self-determination. Furthermore, in order to fulfill the city planning promises around equity, we need to tack into emerging expressions of citizenship, particularly those found within communities that have been historically–and continue to be today–marginalized by more limited notions of citizenship.