Tara Shi 2.5.20 Branner

Tara Shi (M.Arch. ‘20) — “Automation, Labor, and the Architectural Imagination”

Today, automation is everywhere. Broadly defined as “technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimum human assistance” automation has saturated our work environments in an army of forms across scales. These shifting labor practices are not only augmenting existing buildings, but also producing new architectural typologies. By studying past design experiments and imaginations, She intends to find new inspirations, perspectives and paradigms to re-frame difficult topics architects face in the field today. Issues like ethics, access, transparency and obsolescence in the built environment will only become more complex as the future increasingly automates. Using writing, photography, and interviews, Shi will visit sites in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, China, Japan, the Philippines, and the United States.