Thomas Devore 2.5.20.Branner

Thomas Devore (M.Arch. ‘20) — The Construction of Sanctity

Thomas Devore’s project will explore the role of architectural material in shaping conceptions of sanctity. Cultures around the world have constructed architecture that is (or was) held sacred. Different groups’ claims on the sacred have been enforced with mythologies and war, charity and oppression, but also with the transfiguration of raw materials into sanctified art and architecture. For this study, “sacred architecture” is defined as that which is tied to belief in the mystical or supernatural. Despite this narrow definition of sanctity, Devore intends on studying these sacred spaces both in the context of their mythology: as spaces with powerful social function (whether it be teaching, celebration, exclusion, sacrifice, marriage, etc.), as well as phenomenologically: material, form, and space that inspires sensations and emotions. Using audio, photography, interviews, and drawings, Devore will document his travels to Japan, Tibet, India, Dubai, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Spain.